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my mother-$%*@!$ wallet was stolen

Jr needs to take a nap but won't.



People who see everyone and everything as either all good or all bad. The world is not black and white.

When tea leaves manage to escape the filter and end up floating in my tea.

Couldn't connect to IBM VPN. Tried to reinstall agent, it said "no". Re-registered my Mac with IBM, can't log in to my user.

not my grump: In "The Soul of a New Machine," there is an engineer who spends months debugging nanosecond-level glitches in their new CPU, snaps, and runs away after leaving a note: "I am going to a commune in Vermont and will deal with no unit of time shorter than a season."

Medial epicondyle.

I have been too busy today to log all of my Grumps.

I cut an onion last night for dinner. My hands still smell like it.

Google chrome spellcheck is flagging "your" as improper spelling.

This is why we can't have nice things.

Morning came far too quickly.

you know who i'd really think about voting for? the candidate that doesn't litter the ground with a bunch of plastic and paper crap that'll be worthless in a month.

I'm so tired that I just drew on my dry erase board with a permanent marker.


Getting political advertising texts addressed to John.

i'm the one who press that button. sweaty palms get caught bluffin -- fold a man into nothin, for nothin

We represent the Lollipop Guild...


Five fricking minutes for one bus stop is a little excessive.

would someone kindly inform NASA/JPL scientists of the material composition of the parking lot under our office? i am sure they would be interested in a material that, when wet, becomes utterly frictionless

The GIF on the TV here is too political.


All the things.

All the hate in the world. It's saddening.

Facebook, why you keep showing me the same five posts from 8 hours ago?!

The Bagby/Capitol/Rusk intersection REALLY needs left turn lights.

Youtube app UI is terrible.

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