Skudd's Grumps

I just broke my best fidget spinner.

All these emails I get that appear to be either from someone I know or one of their friends who was CC'ed on a message that are not actually from that person.

Git history being all out of sync.

I hate PowerPoint in the first place, but when people are presenting in edit mode, it REALLY irritates me.

I am having some sort of allergic reaction all of a sudden. The backs of my hands are breaking out in a super itchy rash, my face is itching, and my feet are itching.

It was extremely difficult for me to get out of bed this morning.

Robodialer: "Hello? Hey, this is Tom with the healthcare enrollment program. You had some questions..."


I can't focus on these blasted meetings because there is too much going on.

That bug has been fixed.

Found a bug in the new code: Failed calling Votetype::jsonSerialize() - This only happens when casting Apathy/Empathy votes.


People are very grumpy in the office but aren't using GrumpLog.

I didn't sleep well last night because of this rib pain. It's still pretty bad today.

I can't tell if my rib is inflamed, if it's a back issue, or both.

I just ate 2 single-serving bags of chips and I want more. I think I need salt. Maybe I should drink this Gatorade instead.

Here comes the day-after-Humira grumps.

I just typed "neads" instead of "needs".

I was planning to promote to production today, but I still haven't implemented Grump/editGrump.

Turns out that password change wasn't even necessary. Bleh.

Impromptu password change day.

My left shoulder is an absolute wreck.

This is the third night in a row that I have been unable to get to sleep at a reasonable time. I'm just too wired.

I am trying to clone a 40GB ZFS dataset using snapshots. I just mistakenly cancelled the zfs send | zfs recv when it was at 38GB.

If you use the PrivacyBadger browser extension, it will try to block the icon source, which is hosted from a third party provider. Just tell PrivacyBadger that it's fine and not to use cookies for that site.

Headaches are trying to ruin my day again.

My Grump profile confirms what I've been saying for years: Tuesday is the new Monday.

Whatever happened to Friday being an easy day? My Fridays have been booked solid, often with double and triple booked slots for at least the last year.

My Android wants to reload browser pages if I switch tabs or apps.

My right ear, which happens to be my good ear, is plugged up with earwax. I can't hear hardly anything though it, and my left ear is mostly useless due to tinnitus.

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