Skudd's Grumps


Being scheduled for meetings all afternoon. Double and triple booked in some cases.

I have an ingrown hair right on the edge of my lip.

It feels like it should be 4:30pm.

Password change day.

What's more fun than a sore back? A grinding shoulder.

My previous Grump about the non-booting VM was because I needed to rebuild the initrd. I only came to that realization after talking with someone about the issue.

Back pain.

This stupid VM won't boot. Grub is trying to mount things by UUID, despite the /etc/fstab using labels.

TMI: Here's an example TMI Grump.

Just patched a few major security flaws in the site. Also added support for TMI posts. To post a TMI thing, either public or private, prefix it with "TMI:". For example: TMI: This is something I want to share, but want to give you adequate warning about.

I just spent 3 hours replacing the door boot on our washing machine. I followed the video instructions exactly, got everything put back together, and ran a test cycle. It didn't leak, but there was a powder inside the drum afterwards. Upon further investigation, I discovered that the new boot was rubbing against the drum, which was causing it to wear off, especially in the spin cycle.

My SSH key invalidated somehow.

Someone just made popcorn in the office. Before 9am.

APIs that don't respond as they should.

People who look right at you walking towards the elevator they just got into, and not holding it open for you to get in, even if you're just a couple feet away.

Foul odors in the elevator.

Being instructed to take a route through 5 different school zones.

People who drive on the shoulder to get around traffic.

Massive headache.

Employees parking on the curb right in front of their workplace.

Certain number combinations in my VIP token amuse me.

I can't get anything done today.

The Harvard Business Review - Management Tip of the Day emails are no longer management focused: they're more like "how to be a good employee" in general. Sorry, HBR, you're losing a subscriber.

Hitting cmd+r instead of option+r in Slack.

I was just that guy who belched on a conference call.

People who sway side to side when they talk on camera.

It's depressing to hear that time worked in a year is normally over 2,000 hours.

If you are hosting a meeting that is expecting a large turnout, TURN OFF THE JOIN/LEAVE NOTIFICATIONS

If you join a conference call and aren't actively speaking, MUTE YOUR PHONE.

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