Skudd's Grumps

Scripts that don't scale.

People referring to an API method as an API.



This holtier monitor.

I was so not awake this morning that I poured coffee creamer on my cereal instead of milk.

TJ is quite fussy and won't go to sleep. I tried rocking him to sleep and he kept nodding off, but as soon as I got up to put him in his bed, he started wailing again.

Flaky internet.

Using device names instead of UUIDs or labels in /etc/fstab

Hard drive failures.

It's entirely too cold in this office.

TJ is fussy and doesn't seem to want to be happy with anything.

The mountain of old CDs and DVDs containing random crap that I have collected over the last 10-15 years.

Holiday shoppers.

Hitting every red light.

Rain means to drive like you have no brain.

Password change day.

I forgot my fitness tracker watch thingy.

The Keurig in the break room is out of order. At least there are 2 of them up at the front break area.

MacOS thinking that every time I type -- I actually mean

Web apps that are heavily JavaScript.

Ate too much at lunch.

Everyone is really Grumpy today. They need to come here and vent.

Someone just sprayed air freshener in the office and it's burning my eyes.

Nowhere I have been this week has a Keurig machine except for the Houston office.

Only 8:18 and already swamped.

My Mac Smart Mouse is dead today and I can't find the charging cable. At least I have a wired mouse.

Oracle bought Dyn.

Just got a domain name renewal notice for Guess it's time to make sure the registration is updated properly.

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